Late night Banana cake with air fryer 

My sister insist to home make banana cake at 10pm tonight. Prepare and bake, we manage to on bed at 12am (bake 2 patch due to small oven) Ingredients  A: 150g plain flour or wheat flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt B: 120g butter room temperature 90g sugar (mix partially brown sugar for... Continue Reading →


Simply good noodle-Bún  Thang 

Bún Thang original from Hà Nội - North Vietnam. This is one of the Hà Nội 's proud,  as their simple delicate delicacy. They used to eat after Tết -Lunar new year, and use all left over ingredients from the feast and praying to ancestors.  However original recipe is so hard to follow, a lot... Continue Reading →

Bali day 1: Tanah Lot and Ubud

Back from Bali, straight to work, Bali seems to be a pleasant out of the world dream. Here the small country road, up down hill; there the black leaves roof, the little door; on the air lingering the fragrance of Plumeria (or Frangipani) which shade in yellow and red color the luster black hair of... Continue Reading →

Bali calling 4d3n March 2017

This will be my first trip of this year, and I can't wait till then to post. So here is the brief reveal of my plan. I do my own research and plan my tour base on "geographic logic", yes I reach map, locate each attraction and plan my route. Now guys, who said girls... Continue Reading →

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