Seoul in full bloom

With the slightly chill and cool breeze, plus colorful flower in full bloom, these are reasons why you should visit Seoul Korean in Early May.

Take you time walking along the street and you will encounter.


Here is a spot on the walk way up to Namsan tower.

20170427_145435Still, at Namsan tower, there is a small spot full of white Azalea – the national flower of Korea.


Late Cherry blossom at the gate to Nami Island

20170428_10562820170428_111956Flowers at Nami island

20170428_14242920170428_142633OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Beautiful Poppy at the Little Prince.

I went to Nami, Little Prince & Garden of Morning Calm as they are in the same area. For this season, please, you must visit the Garden of Morning Calm.

They displaced tulip when I visited there. They are so many vibrant colors and different kinds. Dont need to go to Holand to see Tulip then, hehehe


I live this staircase, unwilling to step down it…


Just like an oil painting, you will not believe that this is real and took by my Samsung phone.

And plus lastly bonus, flower spot at Gyeongbokgung palace and Secret garden, and again white Azalea at Ewha Woman university.

Visit Seoul Korean on April or May and show me your flower picture.



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