First experience in Seoul, South Korea

I’m at Seoul for the first time the first day and can’t wait to share my experience.

We are 4 of us and common sense: we book the taxi service because of our huge luggages, it was totally a big regret since traffic and cost are not in our favor. Took us 2 hours to reach hostel and cost 95.000 won. While train only cost around 8.000 each. You may purchase train ticket T Money card from machine located at station. They have “English” button so that safe for foreigner.  Top up machine is just beside too.

Korean people mostly can’t speak English, but many can speak well Chinese. Around tour attractions, shop owner can communicate in Malay, Indonesian and few other languages too.

Asking random passbyser is very disappointed as they can’t understand. But luckily street name and station name are in Korean and English. Direction and transfer train is a bit hectic, but after 2 days I got used to it. Transfer line may require you limb up and down various tair cade for 10 minute, you will understand why Korean people is slim. Direction instructions are quite clear if you understand them well, you must know where you heading to if not you may end up to a different direction. While busy with the train map, there are kind enough few Korean people (all are guys, maybe because we are group of girls) come forward to offer help, and of course they are confident in their English to offer help foreigner,  am I right?

Bargaining is quite difficult since we can’t speak Korean, but most of market shop could happily reduce abit price for us, like 2000 Kwon. And cosmetic purchase will cheaper if buy in bulk and alot of free gift for trial (the more you buy the more free gift)

Cosmetic best to purchase at Lotte duty free or Incheon duty free shop. Sweet and snacks are variety at airport too compare to Lotte supermarket.  So keep your hand luggage half empty and spare some cash for shopping at Incheon airport.

Overall experience is cute, because everything is super cute there. Food is awesome. Should buy Korean product only because cheaper,  other products are moderate high.  Accommodation is high in cost and demand so book in advance.


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