Braised vegan soya dipping (Tương kho quẹt)

I love to eat steamed fresh vegy. And fish sauce, soya sauce aren’t enough to satisfy me after sometime. I remember this simple homecook sauce which I ate in Vietnam village by the sea. And would like to make a vegan version of it.

This is so simple to make, used mainly in village and poor family which couldn’t afford proper protein source (fish or meat). So that they want to make something which can dip their plain vegetable and add favour to their rice or poridge. 

This dipping sauce is thick so that it coat your vegetables nicely. Not so salty, slightly sweet, fragrant of garlic, crunchy of tofu, simply you will want to dip it again and again event with only your chopstick.

Originally it is made from fish sauce with crunchy pork lad, but I wanna a healthy choice, so I change it to be vegan.

Recipe is so simple and easy.

Firstly cut small cube 1 white tofu then deep fried till golden crispy. Set a side for air dry and use paper tower to absorb excess oil.

While tofu is frying, chop 3 cloves garlic, 1 cloves shallot and 1 or 2 friesh chilli till minced. Slide 2 stalls of green onion as well. 

Next use 3 spoons of tofu oil to fried shallot and garlic till fragrance, add chillis half way till golden garlic.

Then add 1 cup of soya sauce and half cup of water. Turn to medium fire when reach boiling point and braised for 20min. 

Till liquid slighly thicken, add 1 spoon of sugar, half spoon of pepper, a pinch of sauce optional if prefer more salty. 

When liquid reduce to half add golden tofu, stir and cook probably about 2 more mins then add green onion and serve. 

So easy right. Try it with any of plain boiled or steamed food and you will never eat normal soya sauce again.


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