Embroidery Denim DIY project

Notice there is flood of Embroidery denim design on Pinterest and Fashion site.

Honestly, I love flower, I love something catchy and bright. The design immediately catches my attention without fault.

I did some research and get inspired from some project on Pinterest.

Similar design can be found at Gucci and Topshop … It is in so in trend gals.

I rarely follow latest trend but this is sooooo my liking. I love style that show both feminine and strong active side of lay.

Waiting no more, I search high low for flower pattern, and using my one and only jean.


I found two iron on embroidery flower design at SpotLight, which cost 16 SGD each (my heart is crying, why so expensive). I lucky found two designs which seem to be matching each other, you can see on the right of above picture. I also got yellow baby butterfly and white daisy from Daiso, of course 2SGD each, so happy.

I tried to position it on my jean till satisfy (cut and mix here and there) and iron on as per package instruction. I nearly spoiled my iron, because too hot it was auto turn off. Iron on not that very easy, and my flower design has some bead on top, so it was partially melted under the iron heat.

I needed 1 hour to hand sew all the butterfly in place. And realize that the daisy did not complement the design, anyway it is 2 dollar.

Here is the final product:


I like to have unsymmetric design, I like small batch if flower on my left knee, and some butterfly on by right butt too. Cute, love it, hehehe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I am crazy about this, I gonna do it to my sister jean too. And I found out that there are iron on embroidery patch selling on Qoo10 and Alibaba too. Or I may try to DIY real hand embroidery, which may take few week and result may not warranty as good as above.

Happy sewing weekend gals.


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