Bali day 3: Go South to the Beach

So fast it’s third day already.  Today it will be a long journey.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan 

If you follow my Bali day 2, then yes, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is the temple worship water deity Danu Dewa, but this time it at Mount Bratan, another famous Volcano at center Bali.


It is famous for the special structure on top of the water of the Bratan lake, seem to be floating without any support.

We also lucky to witness a ceremony here as well. There are many men carry and put up decorated bamboo at the floating temple.


I love this picture as we can view the vast lake, sky and the giant Bratan at the background.


This temple is famous however abit out of the way, so we need to go north to Mount Bratan then go South to Uluwatu

2017-03-23 20.46.57.jpg

Lunch: Dedari – Crispy duck


We are really like this restaurant which our driver recommend. The scenery is really nice, the decoration is absolutely satisfactory.

Price is really affordable, we eat super full for 4 and only cost nearly 500k rupiah. If I come back I definitely visit this restaurant again.


They even have a musician at the entrance, and table is scatter around the centre lake, give you the relaxing and resort feel.


Here our CRISPY DUCK, really crispy till you can eat most the bone, my sis love it till we have to order second set of duck. We also try the fish sambal matah, I always want to try it, fresh and spicy. We also order vegy and oxtail soup.

Trust me, you must try this restaurant, satisfaction warranty to the max.

Uluwatu on the cliff, sunset on the sea and Kecak dance.

Uluwatu is really crowded with tourist. And the scenery is breath-taking.

Ticket here also very cheap, 20k rupiah.




From top of the clip, the view of vast ocean with white waves. Above is the view on my right. On the left you can see the Uluwatu temple, you only can see from here but cant really visit the temple.


Note that you need to beware of the monkeys around the area, they snatch anything you holding on your hand (if they are interested in) and special target glasses.

Kecak dance and Ramayana

The most famous and must see show at Uluwatu is Kecak Dance, you should buy ticket early when you arrival at Uluwatu, show usually everyday unless raining because it open theater.

It’s a fun experient to watch the Kecak, although it’s not really a dance, there is a group of men half naked (top) with a red flower on their right ear…. that shouting “Kecak” non stop in a rhythm in place of music.

Amazing right, music using their mouth, just like acapella , there is slow love expression and fast pace for fighting scene, all using mouth for one and a half hour. Yes believe me, and that’s why its cost 100k rupiah per person.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The main story is a part of Ramayana, a story of Rama, long long long story so I not gonna write all here. My advice that take a flyer at the ticket office and read the story line first, else you won’t understand. There is this White Monkey will go around and disturb people too, it will be fun if he pick you.


I add some picture of Swiss Bell Hotel Tuban, I got a good deal on, and the room is quite ok, location is good. However my disappointment that they say interconnect room is out when we check in at 8pm. So instead they give us 2 rooms next to each other and at the end of the hall. Breakfast has quite variety. Pool is big but full of fluorine smell.

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We go the beach the last day, Sanur and Nusa Dua, Sanur free beach is a huge disappointment which so dirty, not of rubbish but sand is dark so give you the feeling of not clean. Nusa Dua sand is whiter and long coast line, my parents say can’t compare to Vietnam beach. So we just take a few picture and head back to hotel.


Water is cleanner here, and waves are super huge which run toward the coast from half km away. Honestly quite scary to swim here.


Last day have some spare time, we check out Kuta Mall but nothing worthy to buy there, all branded clothe and accessory with discount, but not what we are looking for so we quickly skip.

End the trip here. Overall feeling that I like Ubud very much, I would visit it again and spend more time there. My sis would like the watch the dolphin at far North beach. I will definitely learn surfing at Kuta beach, I do my research and it cost around $50USD for 1 day 3 hours confirm board standing class, but would be cheaper if go for package 3 or 5 days.

See you again ya Bali.




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