Simply good noodle-Bún  Thang 

Bún Thang original from Hà Nội – North Vietnam. This is one of the Hà Nội ‘s proud,  as their simple delicate delicacy. They used to eat after Tết -Lunar new year, and use all left over ingredients from the feast and praying to ancestors.  However original recipe is so hard to follow, a lot of different ingredients need to prepare separately and some is local find only. As simplify recipe, I make this as a simple and easy  healthy breakfast noodle soup.

The broth

The broth is extremely important in Bún Thang. Here is what I used:

Portion for 2 serving:

-Quarter leg chicken with bone boil for 10 to 15 mins then tear of the meat, return the bone to the broth and continue simmer for 30min. 

-2 pieces ginger + 5 shallots or 1 big yellow onion + white radish or carrot + dried shrimp (dry fried till fragrance) or dried squid (frame grilled till fragrance)

-Rock sugar + salt to taste may add a little bit fish sauce to final product. 

Topping – nhân tháng

I only use chicken for my topping but you feel free to add pork if you like, original they add stir fried pork shoulder too. 

-Shredded chicken (boiled earlier)

-Shredded fried eggs (fried egg thin layer and julienne when cool down)

-Shredded mushroom (I add to soup for 15 mins then shredded)

-Shredded crab stick (my modified version as easy to shredded instead of pork shoulder)

Make sure all topping shredded nicely and as similar size as possible. 


Use thin rice noodle, if dried version then need to boil till soft (not too soft because it will absorb the broth more)


Use a bigger bowl, add noodle below, add topping on top, try to mix bright and white color to make contrast. And try make all portion equally as possible. 

Add spring onion and fresh chilli on top, should have more herb but I could not get at where I stay. 

Last step is add broth while it’s boiling hot and enjoy.

Optional to serve with a lime slide and half tea spoon of fish sauce. Notice I add carrot and some green vegy too (cannot see the noodle), people from Hà Nội will scold me, but I always like to add more green and I need more fiber as my digestion is weak.

Try and let me know if you like it, I prefer to prepare the broth the night before so make my breakfast more easy and enjoyable.  


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