Bali day 2: North east Bali and Vocano

For day 2, we travel early from 8.30am, due to breakfast is at 8am. Daddy and I manage to swim for half an hour before breakfast. My hotel is a small botique hotel so we need to order the breakfast set, there is pancake set (wit banana or pineapple), continental set with eggs (whatevery way you like), and Bali style fried rice or noodle. All set start with a plate quite full of fresh fruit, watermelon, pineapple and strawberry.  The berry was sour and not very nice, I find out that raining season from Nov to Mar, strawberry will be small and sour,  so if you keen to pluck strawberry,  visit in summer.

Traditional Art Villages

I was interested in Bali traditional art so I keen to visit art villages. First stop we visit Batuan for Painting, infact our driver drop us at a galery. It’s quite a collection they have here from abstract to nature and still life. Price is high up sky few hundreds USD for small painting, salemen said can bargain, but we just slowly enjoying and admired the painting then run off.

We skip other art villages such as  Celuk for Silver and Mas for Wood Carving, because we have no interest in jewelry and we think Vietnam wood craving is best (Daddy said).

Batik, the art of fabric printing

There are alot of Batik factories in Bali but this is the most famous one because they demonstrate the Batik making process.  Literally,  they hire 12 people to sit and take their time to making Batik.

They show not only Batik but the waving process too. Here is a picture of a loom which auto have patern when wave.

Waving is easy compare to preparation,  2 people need to put each single tiny thread through a small hole to hold on the loom.

Batik mean a technique to color fabric.  Using wax to cover the part that you do not want to be color, then soar in color liquid. After color dry, use hot water to melt the wax, then apply new wax, new color and process go on. So tidious and tired, that’s why it is highly appreciated and lead to high cost.

Wax applying.

They sell a wide range of fabric here as well, from ready made silk shirt to sarong and scarf. I buy for Mom a 2m simple blue flower design cloth which cheapest at 190k rupiah.

Mount Batur or Kintamani Volcano 

Bali has alot of volcano,  Batur and Bratan are the duo famous. Took 1 hour to reach the viewing point, the scenery is breath-taking. A tip that you must take a 180° shot/panaroma then only you can capture the vast of the mountains, lake and sky.

Notice the black field at mountain leg? Those am

Driver bring us to a highland location at Kintamani which crowded with restaurants with viewing galery toward Mount Batur.  Mostly restaurant serve buffet from 100k to 200k rupiah per pax. Our driver start to know us better so he rrecommend a restaurant with only 90k buffet per pax, we don’t eat much anyway so we are happy with the suggestion.

The food is so so , but I am interested in the decorations here. Their wood chair is so heavy with this creepy but cute design, remind me of Saman and totem and … Volcano,  hummm something is link somewhere.

Pura Ulun Danu Batur, Temple of Ulun Dewa at Mount Batur

Visit Mount Batur then you must visit Pura Ulun Danu Batur, it’s close by.

I mistake this temple to protect the mountain,  actually this temple worship Ulun Dewa, a water god.

Ticket entrance only 35k rupiah per pax, but the local try to sell you the sarong and claim it is mandatory. They give the price of 250k each sarong or 100k for rent. After long bargain, we rent at 30k each, what a headache.

It’s suddenly pouring hard so my pictures aren’t very nice. We are holding umbrellas and follow a guide go round the temple.  As this is the second important temple of Bali, they don’t allow you anyhow walk around,  I think, although the guide just literally walk us without crack any word.

I read that this temple used to be at the leg of Mount Batur, due to volcano eruption on 1927 (if I remember correctly), temple and village are destroyed (remember the black field at mountain leg) but… somehow the main temple tower manage to stay strong. Balinese move the temple up high and used lava rock to build the temple surrounding wall.

We lucky enough to have a close look at a temple ceremony. I’m not really sure what the ceremony for, but many people visit despite pouring hard. That’s why this is the second holy temple.

Balinese ladies wear traditional colorful sarong and head-carrying their offering to temple.

Pura Tirta Empul-the holy spring

On the way back, we stop at one of the must-visit attraction in Centre Bali, the Tirta Empul.


I love this huge giant acient tree infront of the temple, what a nice spot for picture.

As its name, there is a spring in the temple. Water from this spring is so holy that it is used to purify people sins.

We dont bring any extra clothe so don’t wanna get wet. But other visitors is fully prepared. No short in the temple, however they provide free sarong for visitors  (much friendly than the first temple).

I over hear a guide explain that this spring will clean your karma as you sincere. Prayer need to give offering to the Holy spring, mainly flowers, then they line up to dip their head in the spring fountain.

I forget to count, but their is around 13 to 15 spring head, so prayer need to finish all of them in correct order to complete wash away their karma. As each time your head under the spring water, you need to say a prayer and your wish – any wish.




Here is a popular spot, notice the uncle sit on the stair on the right, here the spring fountain near to the stair so visitor who doesn’t want to get wet Caan easily reach out to the Holy water, take a few dab on the forehead or wash face. Yes I also take some holy spring water.

To add on that sarong is needed in the temple, but they provide free sarong include in ticket price 17k rupiah.

Tegallalang – Rice Terraces 

Visit a rice terraces on the way, quite funny that they collect ticket 10k rupiah  for entry.

All my family agree that rice terraces in Vietnam is much better. Hahaha.

Dinner Lotus restaurant 

Back to Ubud, we do abit more shopping and dinner at the infamous Lotus Cafe

The restaurant is famous mainly of this nice view of the Lotus pond and the old Ubud palace. The food is nice, served in a fine dining way and price is quite expensive. Well, you pay extra for location and the senery.

At night my sis want to try Balinese massage, which you can easily find around Ubud. Various big and small store, price from 80k to 300k rupiah for either leg or full body.  Pricing is fixed to save me from the hustle of bargain. I tried leg massage only, pretty ok for the low price. I don’t have much experience in massage so can’t point the difference of good and bad massage.

Here I end this post with the map of our trip today.


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