Bali day 1: Tanah Lot and Ubud

Back from Bali, straight to work, Bali seems to be a pleasant out of the world dream. Here the small country road, up down hill; there the black leaves roof, the little door; on the air lingering the fragrance of Plumeria (or Frangipani) which shade in yellow and red color the luster black hair of Bali ladies. 

Traveling with consider-quite-old-folks, we do more sight seeing than activities.  I plan to cover all main attractions of Bali in 4 days. We take early flight and arrival around 10am, I arrange airport pick up with Your Bali Driver, and Mr Nyoman Nus is there waiting for us with a white board writing my name (very on time this guy).

Lunch, at middle of rice field 

From airport we go directly to Tanah Lot Temple with empty stomach so our driver stop at this Warung Gueek. Here all restaurant name have Warung infront so I guess it mean “restaurant ” in Indonesian. 

Literally,  it a single restaurant in the middle of nowhere, which make it unique.  The restaurant is very friendly,  open door and greet every guest come in his restaurant.  My mum said 1 like for Bali, hahaha. Pricing is normal, no complaint as mainly tourist stop by here on the way to Tanah Lot (80k to 180k rupiah). Alot of European and Ausies travelers so they love the simple bare wood style and the view to golden rice field,  so relaxing, even have smoke raising from far-far field somemore.

Tanah Lot, the unreachable 

Before the actual Tanah Lot, there is a small rock temple on the cliff which have a hole below, it’s name Pura Batu Bolong means “hollow rock”, obviously. 

And at last, our main attraction of the day, Tanah Lot. 

There, the small temple on the “island”.

There is a rock walk way to the temple which only revel itself when low tide on 5pm 15th day of the month Luna calendar.  As majority religion in Bali is Hindu, they pray when full moon, so of course you only able to walk to the temple when you need to pray. It’s interesting right.

My mom take picture with Tanah Lot sign board-a popular picture taking spot.

So visit Tanah Lot on full moon day and you are lucky to witness the magic of the rock path, although you can’t go to the temple as Hindu quite strict no outsider allowed. 

And waves are too big and strong. So don’t try to walk on the rock else you would risk your life.

I also learn that Pura mean temple. And find an interesting fact about Bali name from our driver. He said all Bali people will have Bali name base on their birth order…????…So first child name Putu, second child name Kadek or Made, third child name Nyoman or Komang, fourth child name Ketut, and fifth child name same as first and repeated cycle. So no wonder many Putu name here. As our driver name Nyoman,  I ask how to know if he is third or seventh child, he could not explain and say that Bali people will know. Hahaha.

Here is our route of the day.

Hotel check in

We spend alot of time to taking picture at Tanah Lot so no time to visit other place. We straight go to Ubud and check in our hotel Batu Empug Cottage. I book through, they have deal for family of 4 for 2 rooms facing garden. Total around 270sgd for 2 night, cheap right. It’s a newly open boutique hotel, around 15 to 17 rooms,  2 stories with swimming pool. I like it’s cozy and cleanliness, quite and humble. 

Very huge bath room. Only one minus point is no dental kit provided, so my mum no kissing me for 2 days, hehehe.

Ubud Pasar, the maze

I choose a hotel near to Ubud Pasar (market), but the walk took 15 to 20 mins. The pedestrian bath is narrow and unbalanced, many restaurants and shops on both side. 

Ubud market is a maze, there is upstairs and basement too, walk and walk and can’t finish it. Front shops are difficult to bargain and they show unhappy face if you down price too much. So check price downstairs then find the same one upstairs and do the bargain. They mark up price to 180k or 250k rupiah, you should bargain for 30k to 50k rupiah and stay firm or walk away.

Of courselves depend on how worthy the product is. I got a alibaba trousers for 45k down from 180k. Also a long dress 80k from 20k plus a magnet survenir. A big beach sarong bargain 30k from 180k. So get your bargain skill go to the max ok.

There is many fun and interesting thing selling here. Silver craft,  wood craft, dream catcher, waving basket and below hug d**k. OMG

Don’t be surprised,  Hindu worship Lingam and Yoni which represent male and female private part as source of enegy and origin. Temt to puchase 1 as survenir but shy since I’m a girl. Those ding dang thing mainly made to be a can opener or key chain, various size from tiny to super huge, I wonder if it can be used for other purpose. …. hehehe

Dinner, Babi Guling Ibu Oka

After shopping and tired of bargain, I choose a nearest restaurant as my parents feel tired. The price seem cheap only 50k to 80k so we didn’t hesitate.  Till later then we know we hit a jackpot as this Ibu Oka is selling the best Babi Guling in Ubud, even our local driver recommend.  Babi mean pork, and Guling mean roasted, so it mean roasted pid or suckling pig, for your information.

They sell a set rice with roasted pork meat, skin,  deep fried and rice with vegetables.  We order 2 set and additional vegetables and 1 more white rice, enough for 4 as our ladies eat so little. 

Too bad I have no picture, but I love the braised squash (sayur labu) so tender and sweet, plus abit spicy,  I order extra and finish all while my parents dig in the pork.

Despite famous but the restaurant seem small, and usually out of stock, they run out of vegy and big skin for our order. So check before you decide to dine in ok.

Barong dance,a cute yet scary version of lion dance

Opposite the restaurant is Ubud old palace, they usually have traditional Indonesian dance and performance at night (7.30 to 9pm). There is salemen run around and selling ticket, standard  100 rupiah.  They keep on saying only for tonight, however next day I see there is performance at same place, although the dance slightly different.  

In the ticket there is story line and character’s picture, recommend to read first else you don’t understand what is happening and who is which. 

I watch Legong dance and Barong dance. 

Here is the stage when light up, so misteriou right.

Legong dance. Dancer must combine body movement and eyes to show expression. All moves have to follow the music which is live from 2 side row of artist use traditional drum and stone musical. Amazing dancer still dance gracely although wear alot of layer and accessories. 

Here come the Barong

Barong is a protective or guardian of the people against evil. So it’s a good monster. I find it cute, especially it’s tail, I wanna pull it. Barong move is similar to Lion dance but no climbing action here.

It may bored as can’t understand Indonesian language,  but dance is to be watched and appreciated,  not to bw understood,  am I right?

What a eventful day, phew, let rest and early rise.


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