Welcome to my blog

I have admired other blogger since 10 years ago, I though of writing a blog since 7 year ago. I tried and I quited , I started then I stumbled.  But I still want to do it, I make sure this time I am prepared and no more “escuses” this time. 

I want something userfriend and support on the go. I tried 4 or more blogging app on phone and I found it, this is the easier and frienliest ever (keep my finger cross so that thing can so smoothly for future post).

You may find post mainly on my travel  from planning to actual sight, my cooking from preparation to product. I also love art, craft, planting, sewing and cat. So don’t surprised to find a w weird cocktail mix on my post. Don’t worry, you won’t have stomachache, and promising we won’t get bored, will we.


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